Name & Inspiration

Gauss Eyewear has it’s name from the great mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss who published his classical book on geometrical optics in 1841.

Besides his work in optics he took nothing for granted and created ground breaking work in the fields of mathematics, astronomy and physics.

Gauss is a tribute to Carl Friedrich Gauss and in the same spirit we want to keep innovating and enabling people to benefit from the best lens technology at fair prices.


Jay Uhdinger
Co-Founder, Gauss Eyewear
[email protected]

Other Projects:

Virtual reality headset cover for Oculus Rift & Samsung Gear VR

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Blue Light Research

  • Blue light from electronic readers late at night diminishes sleep quality

    • While people are using an iPad at night their body produces 55% less melatonin
    • After shutting off the lights (and the iPad), they took an extra 10 minutes to fall asleep
    • When they did fall asleep, they had less REM sleep during the night
    • The next morning, the iPad readers felt sleepier, and it took them “hours longer” to feel alert. The book readers quickly felt more alert immediately upon waking.
    • When it was time for bed the next night, the iPad readers’ circadian clocks were delayed by more than 90 minutes. Their bodies began to feel tired an hour and a half later than normal, because they were exposed to alerting light from the iPad the night before.


  • Filtering blue light reduces light-induced oxidative stress.

    Light exposure induced structural damage, decreased retinal pigment epithelium cell viability, and increased reactive oxygen species, senescence-associated β-galactosidase activity and matrix metalloproteinases 1 and 3 expression and secretion. Although both types of intraocular lens significantly reduced these effects, the protective effects of the ultraviolet- and blue light-absorbing intraocular lens were significantly stronger than those of the ultraviolet-absorbing intraocular lens. (